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Our capabilities

We have not reach the limit of our capabilities. We want to do more.

We are currently embarking on 2 major areas of robotics mainly cleaning and delivery.

Land Cleaning Robot

Most of the rubbish are generated on land and a horde of workers are required to clean up the place regularly. Recruiting,training, retaining and supervising workers are difficult. Cleaning is best done in the night shift with less convenience to park users and customers. Our robots can swep, vacuum, mop, scrub and polish floors.

We can customise robots for your specific needs from a small Supermarket with scrubbing and mopping robot, to large areas such as sweeping in parks.

Pool Cleaning Robot

We can help you deploy robots to clean up the pool at night after the pool closes. The next morning, swimmers can dive into a cleaned pool. Our robots can vacuum and scrub the pool botom without human supervision. This reduces manpower required to clean the pool, extend filtration lifepan with less dirt choking up the filters. Workers normally work in the day with section of the pool close for cleaning which inconvenience swimmers. With robots, your pool gets cleaned everyday by early morning and more swimmers can enjoy.

Waterway Cleaning Robot

Much of the rubbish get washed into the sea, lakes, rivers and canals. Our robot can regularly sweep through these water to remove rubbish. You get a clean waterway and less rubbish get to the ocean where the harm sea creatures. We are keen to work with contractors and the government authorities to help clean the waterways.

Beach Cleaning Robot

Tons of rubbish in the sea get washed up onto beaches, created eyesore, attracting insects, giving foul smell and endanger sea creatures. Our robot can clean up the beach for you in the night and the early beach goers will get the fresh air, beautiful scenery and no insect nuisance. We will work with contractors and the authorities to do a test run on a beach.

Restaurant Delivery Robot

Our robots can track line or recognise area/space to move efficiently and autonomously within your restaurant for delivery of food from kitchen to your customers. They can also deliver used plates, cups, utensils etc from the tables back to the washing bay. Your waitresses will have more time to server your customers.

Hotel Delivery Robot

Our robots can deliver food, towels or other items for room service. They can server your needs even in the middle of the night where there are fewer workers and when it's most difficult to recruit workers for the night shift.

Factory/Warehouse Delivery Robot

Robots can help to supplement your workers by doing all the walking and carrying for you. Your workers can be better deployed to ensure the deliveries reach your customers correctly and efficiently. We will study your needs and customise the robots for you in a turnkey project.