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Will robots make human obsolete?



Our mission is to create robots to reduce manpower requirements.

We don't believe that robots can fully replace human. As robots or machines replace human, human will naturally learn new skills to make themselves more useful.

Will robots replace human?

Yes, certainly in terms of certain tasks currently done by human.

No, definitely not able to replace the human race.

History has shown that when motor vehicles replaced horse-pulled carts, horse riders were not replaced. Instead they learnt to drive cars and made themselves employable. Some learnt to drive trucks and delivered more goods and faster than horse-drawn carts. Mechanization created more jobs such as road repairs, material production for roads, traffic police, lamp posts, computer controlled traffic lights etc.

The only victims are horses who thought that they can relax and don't have to work anymore. Those that can be trained, continue to pull carts for tourists while the more talented ones run race courses. Nevertheless, the number of horses declined. Llike horses, those human who resign to fate when their jobs are replaced by machines or robots, may also fade away from society after several generations.

Nevertheless, robots are a progression from mechanization to automation. Robots are everywhere today, just that they don't look and behave like human, yet.

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