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Details Information
Reference No:9269

Name Pallet Robot
Model PR-01
Function Lifts and moves warehouse racks around
Application areas Used in warehouses to lift and move racks around from storage area to pick area
Control and communication system
Operating system ROS
Communications WIFI
Client control Android app
Security Encrypted VPN and user/password authentication and authorisation
Sensors Laser sensors, location sensors, motion sensors, line sensor
Electrical characteristics
Power 800W
Input voltage 48VDC
Charging system Auto home and charge when battery is low
Battery 48V/Li Battery 40AH, Charging time: 10 mins, usage 1 hour*
* Will vary according to usage
Physical characteristics
Dimensions(mm) D900 H240
Pallet size(mm) L1050 W1050 H290
Weight (kg) 190
Payload (kg) 500
Speed 1m/s max.


Note: Due to continuous improvements to the product, specifications are subject to change any time.

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Carry loads up to 500kg
Carrys people 440kg

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