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Description:Delivery Robot

Delivery Robot

This robot is very suitable for restaurants for delivery of food and collection of plates, cups etc for return to kitchen for washing. More productive as the waiters can concentrate on serving customers and cleaning of tables. Let the robot do the leg work.

Presentable Delivery Robot for hotels, can deliver food, towels and other items to the hotel rooms, thereby freeing your staff for other more productive works. Can reduce your manpower needs for the night shift by getting the robot to do the delivery instead of a sleepy worker.

Robot can be designed with line tracking, area/space recognition so that it can move autonomously. It also has obstacle avoidance, GPS location for outdoor use and other sensors.

We can customise plain delivery robotis for factory or warehouse use. It will save you tim and manpower retrieving items. Just give us a call for a turnkey project or a join R&D.

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Lady delivery robot
Hotel delivery robot

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