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Reference No:9230
Description:Sweeping robot, sweeps large area without workers.

Cleaning Robot

With 2 large brushes spanning 1m, this robot can sweep and vacuum large areas covering an equivalent area of one football field per hour.

Suitable for condominium, hotels, country clubs, parks and shopping centres. Even bigger ones can be customised for even bigger areas. Battery operated.

This robot can replace one worker and can do the work of several workers using brooms and dust pans. Best of all, it can work in the night shift when it does not cause inconveniences to your customers. Night shift workers are not only more costly, they are the most difficult to recruit, retain and supervise.

We can customise the size of the robot for your cleaning requirements, including scrubbing, washing, mopping or polishing. We can even do a turnkey project for your cleaning needs.

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We also support cleaning contractors as well as end users. We will train and assist your current cleaning contractors to render them more productive. That way, you can reduce cost and your contractor can make more profit. Call use for more explanation.

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Sweeping Robot

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